1. Administration

    The Administration Department handles administrative duties for the city.

  2. Building

    Download documents, view FAQs, or learn about contracting for home improvements.

  3. City Clerk

    Browse city budgets, download agendas and minutes, or view current ordinances.

  4. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Visit the Community Redevelopment Agency website, or download documents.

  5. Finance

    Find downloads from the Finance department, or review the city budget.

  6. Fire Department

    The Sebring Fire Department is responsible for the protection of the City of Sebring.

  7. Golf Course

    Visit the Sebring Golf Club's website.

  8. Planning & Zoning

    Find information on the Planning and Zoning Department.

  9. Mayor & Council

    Meet the staff who make up the city's council

  10. Police Department

    The City of Sebring Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency dedicated to maintaining law and order, health, safety and morals, preserving the peace, protecting life and property and by interceding to bring lawbreakers to justice.

  11. Public Works

    Learn about maintenance on roads and facilities, or find details on waste disposal.

  12. Purchasing

    Participate in bids and other purchasing-related activities.

  13. Utilities

    Find information about various utilities in Sebring.

  14. Sebring Airport

  15. Employee Exchange mail