Maintenance Division

  1. Building & Grounds

    This division handles all maintenance on city buildings. They do light construction and carpentry work on the buildings, as well as janitorial work on select buildings. They also maintain the Civic Center, which can be rented for special events.

  2. Parks & Beaches

    This division handles all maintenance and care of our parks and beaches, keep the play equipment in safe working order, and plant trees and flowers to beautify our parks.

  3. Public Works Administration

    Administration handles all of the day to day operations of Public Works.

  4. Storm Water

    The city’s storm water system includes 168 catch basins that collect rain water and contribute to reducing flood conditions on streets and roads.

  5. Street & Roads

    This division performs routine maintenance such as pot hole repairs, sign maintenance, traffic signal and street light maintenance, and cleaning and installing storm drains.

  6. Vehicle Maintenance

    This division keeps city vehicles in safe operational order.