Vendor Information

This page is designed to help vendors understand what is required to do business with the city.

Public Purchase Registration
The Public Purchase Registration process should be completed if your business is interested being notified when a solicitation over our bid threshold (currently $35,000) is advertised. An email will be auto generated to the address you give based on a classification code you select that according to the commodities or services that your business provides.

Vendor Guide
The Vendor Guide (PDF) is designed to answer questions on what is involved in doing business with the city. Please read this to become familiar with city requirements.

Vendor Application
The Vendor Application (PDF) or Vendor Application Online is required in order to receive payment in the form of a check. You will also need to complete this form if the city will be issuing your firm a purchase order. You do not need to complete this form if you will be paid through the VISA purchasing card. If your business changes any information (name, address, phone, fax, or email) it is the vendor's responsibility to to notify purchasing by completing a new form.

W-9 Tax Form
The W-9 Tax Form (PDF) is required to be completed at the time of the the vendor application if your business will be receiving $600 or more in 1 calendar year. If you change your business name with the federal, state, or local government it is the vendor's responsibility to complete a new form.

Certificate of Insurance
If your business does work or drops off shipments on any of the city properties you will be required to file an active certificate of insurance with the Purchasing Department, naming the City of Sebring as additional insured. There are certain levels of coverage that may be required depending on the amount of your contract / award. The city follows the guidelines of Public Risk Management of Florida.