What is automated collection?
Automated collection is a system where garbage containers are emptied using a mechanical arm on the collection vehicle, instead of workers lifting and emptying cans by hand. The city’s automated collection service is made by one solid waste employee (driver) per truck; the manual system requires a 3 person crew (driver and two collectors).

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1. What is automated collection?
2. How does it work?
3. What kinds of garbage can I put in the automated garbage container?
4. What if my garbage does not fit inside my container?
5. What do I do with cardboard boxes?
6. What happens if my container is damaged, lost or stolen?
7. What do I do with my container when I move?
8. What do I do with my container when I move?
9. What if I want to change the size of my automated container?
10. May I continue to use my old refuse can?
11. What if my garbage was not picked-up?