Lost Property

When the property is lost and not stolen. If you think it could have been taken but do not have suspect information, you may enter the report online.

For example . . .
You left your wallet at the restaurant. You return to the restaurant and searched, but couldn’t find it. List the wallet and contents (cash, financial cards, driver’s license, etc) as separate items in the property sections.

Don’t use Online Report if ...
You or a witness have information about a suspect (a name or even just a physical description).


Call the non-emergency number at 863-471-5107 to have an officer come to your location to take the report. 

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1. Lost Property
2. Harassing Phone Calls
3. Vandalism
4. Petit Theft (total lost not more than $750.00)
5. Identity Theft
6. Vehicle Burglary
7. Other/Miscellaneous Crimes