Street Closures

Do you want to close streets or parking areas as part of your event? Closing highways and major thoroughfares will have a greater impact on the community than closing local roads. Remember, when you close a street, even for 2 or 3 blocks, this can affect traffic for miles around as traffic is rerouted or turned away.

Plan Review
If you want to close streets for your event, Public Works and the Police Department will need to review your request in order to determine the event’s impact on area traffic. Together, they will work with you to develop a Traffic Management Plan to ensure that all safety measures are met and that street closures will not adversely affect the local community. Points of consideration include assessing whether or not your requested road closure blocks or impedes access to police stations, fire stations, hospital emergency access routes, churches, schools, businesses
or residences. Lastly, they’ll need to determine if there is enough time to gain approval for the requested road closures.

State Roadway Closure
Though local roadways can be closed with the approval of the Sebring City Council, approval to close State Roadways must come from the Department of Transportation. We’ll need to know which streets you wish to close, and the duration of the requested closure. Local streets and roads are multi-jurisdictional and require the approval of the proper authority. The City Council may authorize closure of local streets. The County Engineers office is responsible for approving closure of county maintained roads. This includes Kenilworth Boulevard, Sebring Parkway, Martin Luther King Boulevard, and a portion of Lakeview Drive. Local road closure requests must be submitted 30 days in advance of the closure.

State roads, which include US27 and SR17 (i.e. Ridgewood Drive), require a closure request submitted to FDOT 45 days in advance of the closure.

Read more about road closures (PDF).